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Download as Tarball   (be sure to completely read the README.TXT file and configwm.pm.dist tamplate when using from tarball)
Download RH7 RPM   (SRPM)

Download a tar of RH7 RPMS of PERL modules needed (to install, do a tar xvf nswm-packages.tar, then a rpm -ivh perl-*)

Sources can also be retrieved from anonymous cvs:
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.nswm.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nswm login
and then
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.nswm.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nswm co nswm
You can also browse the CVS.

Ask your questions to the NS Forum.

NikoSoft WebMail is a set of PERL scripts working as CGIs, on any platform (Linux beeing the development platform), and released under NSPL (a slightly modified GPL). It is a web-based application allowing your users to retrieve and send mails using SMTP and POP3. Mails are encoded using MIME standards, and downloading or uploading attachments is possible. It has be designed to be "light and simple", and therefore:
  • Only a few PERL modules are needed (or almost,see below).
  • No database at all is needed.
  • Browsers don't have to be JavaScript enabled.
  • As well, cookies don't have to be enabled.
  • Perl-Strict compliance allow an Apache mod_perl execution.

    And still feel free to submit bugs: use the "forum"

    Subscribe to the NikoSoft Development mailing list: mailto:nikosoft-request@ml.free.fr?subject=subscribe

    You can also download separately the AuthenNSMail Apache authentification PERL module, that does POP3 authentication. It needs mod_perl. Click here to download. Untar it, and just do a perl Makefile.PL, make, make install. Doc is included as perldoc Apache::AuthenNSMail. And yes, it is odd to use a POP3 server as an authentication server, but some may need it.

    Here is the documentation specific to the WebMail itself:
      This Webmail is a simple set of PERL scripts, it works using module Mail::POP3Client, and allows to send and receive mails.
    The whole thing is "secured" using Ping is "secured" using POP3 authentication, ie mail can't be send or retrieved
    without initial correct authentication.APOP and standard PASS authentication work.
    No need of any SQL base and so on. However, better know how PERL and CGIs work !
    This allows NSWM to remain simple and light, and not to require an important set of PERL modules.
    NSWM now support two kinda security improvments:
    - HTTP Auth: just configure your Apache to authenticate user with normal HTTP Auth. Then you
    need to use indexauth.pl instead of index.html as a start page, and run NSWM in mod_perl.
    It works automatically.
    - Cookie stored key: the key used to encrypt the password may be stocked partially in a cookie.
    This prevents bad guys from accessing other users inboxes when they used shared computers.
    You have to enable this feature in the configwm.pm file, at "cookiedomain": enter your
    domain to enable the feature, comment the line out to disable.
    Both security features will work over HTTPS.
    Supported languages
      Modules exists and languages have been tested for:
      - English (lang-en.pl module, core module)
      - Francais (lang-fr.pl module, dev module)
      - Hrvatski (lang-hr.pl module, dev module from dpavlie, dev module from dpavlin at rot13.org)
      - Deutsch (lang-de.pl module, dev module from Tobias.Mueller at stud.uni-hannover.de)
      - Norwegian (lang-no.pl module, trn module from erlingp at f00bar.fagmed.uit.no)
      - Hungarian (lang-hu* modules, trn module from keve_g at mail.takarek.net)
      - Swedish (lang-se.pl, trn module from hm at nool.nu)
      - Czech (lang-cz.pl, trn module from svasek at nextra.cz)
      - Italian (lang-it.pl, trn module from theos at bp.lnf.it)
      - Spanish (lang-spl.pl, trn module from scristi at startlight.com)
      Anyone translating the langpack in another language is asked to send it us, please !
    This way we can improve NSWM.
    1- Unzip it:
    On performant UNIX (with recent gnu tar), do a tar xvzf nswm-XXXXXX.tar.gz
    On Windows, use Winzip or PowerArchiver (http://www.powerarchiver.com)
    2- Set up your favorite HTTP server to handle the application.
    For Apache:
    => put an Alias section as /nswm for the nswm/html directory
    => put a ScriptAlias section as /nswm/cgi-bin for the nswm/cgi-bin directory
    => put an Alias section as /nswmtemp for the /tmp/nswm directory
    For IIS,NES:
    Use the graphic interface to set it up properly. Refer to server documentation.
    3- Then you have to edit configwm.pm file and specify your SMTP server ($SMTPserver variable).
    Words and paths can be set up in config.pl file.
    You can also choose the language.
    Nota: configwm.pm template is configwm.pm.dist.
    4- PERL Modules to install if not installed:
    Don't forget to install Mail::POP3Client:
    => perl -MCPAN -e install Mail::POP3Client on UNIX (or see at http://www.cpan.org)
       or ppm Mail-POP3Client on WNT's ActivePerl (but better see at http://www.activetsate.com)
    Don't forget also to chmod 777 the cgi-bin/log and /tmp/nswm directories.
    From V. 0.6 also install MIME::Parser module
    From V. 0.7.5 also install MIME::Lite module
    MIME::Parser can be found in MIME-Tools module, so do:
    => perl -MCPAN -e install MIME-Tools
    and for MIME::Lite :
    => perl -MCPAN -e install MIME-Lite
    You also need URI::Escape module.
    => perl -MCPAN -e install URI
    As a summary, following modules/packages are needed:
    (yeah, that's a lot, i know. MIME encoding/decoding isn't a simple thing...)
    V. 0.8.2 06/01 new langpacks, changed masquerading feature behaviour
                   independant authentication module (nswmauth.pm)
                   finished fixing remaining bugs
    V. 0.8.1 05/01 fixing cookies for security improvment feature
    V. 0.8.0 03/01 bug fixes, new langpacks
    V. 0.7.9 11/00 bug fixes, icons for deleting mail
    V. 0.7.7 07/00 bug fixes, mod_perl compliance, Cookies security improvment
    V. 0.7.6 07/00 bug fixes, perl-strict compliance, HTTP Auth support
    V. 0.7.5 07/00 bug fixes, attachment/MIME sending
    V. 0.7 06/00 bug fixes, imporved MIME and security
    V. O.6 04/00 still bug fixes, and light MIME implementation
    V. 0.5 02/00 more bug fixes, VRFY command to resolve email adresses thru sendmail
    V. 0.4 02/00 install bug fixes, quote and forward
            creation of autoconf.pl, quoting initial message in reply and forward
    V. 0.3 02/00 first public release
            added CC field to sendmail
    V. 0.2 12/99 internal release - f
    V. 0.2 12/99 internal release - for use on my company's intranet
            MIME decoding improved, since still not able to handle non-text contill not able to handle non-text content
    V. 0.1 11/99 internal release
            main shaping, frame structure, basic components
    Special thanks to RYAN SAYRE (ryan at skylab.org) and
    Dobrica Pavlinusic (dpavlin at rot13.org) for feedback.


  • Copyright © 1999-2001 Alexandre Aufrere
    NikoSoft, Nikopol Software Group, IFY and NSC are trademarks of Alexandre Aufrere
    Windows, Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corp